Services to the public


Since 2014, IRSOO has extended the number of activities in the field of visual health and prevention, by participating in vision screenings in local schools or in collaboration with local public health and information associations. These activities, in addition to meeting public needs, allow IRSOO’s third-year optometry students to practice clinical optometry and gain first-hand experience on the ground, with real patients or in simulated situations. The screening activity is part of a larger, regional health and prevention program, also including optometric examinations.

Optometric examinations

IRSOO offers, upon appointment, a free public service of optometric examinations. Visits usually take place in the afternoon in the institute's building. To register for an appointment, please contact IRSOO administrative office.

Support services for opticians and optometrists

IRSOO has recently improved its services in support to local opticians and optometrists. These professionals can now refer their most difficult cases to the IRSOO (personally accompanying their patients, if required), where our professional staff, through cutting-edge instrumentation and techniques and their practical knowledge and skills, will offer a timely consulting service on a variety of issues, such as contact lenses application, safety, tolerability and visual comfort, visual training, low vision etc. IRSOO will return the professional all relevant data collected during the examination and, where appropriate, professional advice, optical prescription, aids etc. This service is entirely free, both for patients and opticians/optometrists, and aimed at encouraging information exchange between the institute and professionals working in the area.

To access this service please contact IRSOO administrative office to schedule an appointment.